Lasse Andersson


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Lasse Andersson

is a music producer/mixing and mastering engineer, songwriter,

lyricist, singer and a multiple instrumentalist with 30-year experience in the business.


He started playing instruments at the age of four and smashed his first guitar

at the age of five, because the guitar couldn't be tuned.

-There you have a natural born rocker, his brothers said.

His parents discovered that he had perfect pitch and invested some money

to buy a better guitar, which could be tuned..... and later also smashed. :o)


His long experience with touring as a bassplayer, or guitarist,

keyboard player and occasionally as a drummer, together with many

years in studio-sessions where he has produced, arranged, played instruments

(sometimes on whole albums by himself), has built a good reputation and great

appreciation for his skills.


He’s been writing and/or producing songs for artists like Joe Cocker,

John Farnham, Billie Piper, Northern Line, W-inds, Natalia, Kate Hall,

Tomas Ledin, Björn Skifs, Eva Dahlgren, Stefan Andersson, Gladys Del Pilar,

Carola Häggkvist, Lena Philipsson, Tommy Nilsson, Pernilla Wahlgren,

Jan Johansen, La Gayla Frazier, Jay Smith (IDOL-winner) etc.


He has produced and played all instruments on one of the best selling albums

of all times in the record history of Sweden.

The artist is Tomas Ledin and the album went 12 x platinum in Sweden.

Lasse has produced approximately 250 songs, in his working career so far.


Songwriter Peter Hallström and Lasse, together with Swedish artist

Björn Skifs wrote the song "Håll mitt hjärta" (hold my heart), which

stayed on the Swedish radioshow "Svensktoppen” for 142 weeks

and the song is considered to be one of the all time classics in



Lasse has also been creating arrangements and productions for the very

successful TV-show ”Så mycket bättre” ("So much better"), where 7 different

artists performs new arrangements (made by the music-producers)

of each others hit songs.

He has also produced recordings for Swedish ”IDOL”.


Lasse has always been interested in the pedagogical side of music

and have collaborated with different institutes and private schools.

He has created educational systems for musical training.




- To create complete music productions from beginning to end.

- To work with parts of productions, as a musician (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, backing vocals).

- To record, coach, cut and tune lead vocals and/or backing vocals to existing background music.

- To mix audiofiles or create a master from a completed mix.

- To create demo productions, complex och straightforward singer/songwriter recordings.



- The first work session is included without cost, where we can talk about the project,

trying out some ideas and see if and how we can continue the work.



- Send a message and we'll get in contact.



All the best!





Lasse Andersson

Phone:+46 (0) 730 50 49 40